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Cost of Concrete

Cost of Concrete

How much does concrete cost? Learn more about the cost of different concrete projects.

Concrete Topics

Concrete Slab Thickness

Learn more about the factors that impact the thickness of a concrete slab.

Concrete Terms and Definitions

Strength of Concrete (PSI)

Learn more about the compressive strength of concrete, measured by PSI or pounds per square inch

What is Cement?

Cement is one of the main ingredients needed to make concrete.

What is Concrete?

Concrete is a durable and versatile construction material commonly used to construct roads, driveways, sidewalks, and bridges.

What is Glass-fiber Reinforced Concrete (or GFRC)?

Glass-fiber reinforced concrete (also known as GFRC) is a type of concrete that is reinforced with tiny glass fibers, rather than rebar.

What is Pervious Concrete?

Pervious concrete is a type of concrete that minimizes surface runoff by allowing water to pass through it.

What is Ready-Mix Concrete?

Ready mix concrete (or RMC) is the most popular type of concrete. It is used to build foundations, walks, driveways, and other structures.

What is Rebar?

Rebar is a common form of reinforcement in many concrete and masonry structures.

What is Reinforced Concrete?

Reinforced concrete is a common construction material used to make driveways, foundations, and structural walls.

Concrete - Questions & Answers

Are the terms “concrete” and “cement” interchangeable?

Top answer: No

How deep should the control joints be in a 4-inch thick concrete slab?

Top answer: 1 inch

What is a Concrete Slump Test?

What is the ideal outdoor temperature for pouring concrete flatwork (driveways, patios, etc.)?

Top answer: 55° F - 70° F

What size aggregate should be used to make the concrete for a 4 inch slab?

Top answer: 3/4 inch crushed stone

When reinforcing concrete, is it necessary for rebar to be tied together?

Top answer: Always

When reinforcing concrete, is it necessary tie all intersecting rebar together?

Top answer: Always

Associations and Designations for Concrete

A Guide to the American Concrete Institute (ACI)

The American Concrete Institute is a research and advocacy organization that works to support the concrete industry.

A Guide to the American Concrete Pavement Association (ACPA)

Learn more about the American Concrete Pavement Association, a large trade association.

A Guide to the American Society of Concrete Contractors (ASCC)

The American Society of Concrete Contractors works to represent the interests of concrete professionals locally and nationally.

A Guide to the International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI)

The International Concrete Repair Institute is an organization dedicated to improving the quality of concrete repair and restoration.

A Guide to the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA)

Learn more about the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association.

A Guide to the Portland Cement Association (PCA)

The Portland Cement Association advocates for the use of portland cement and concrete in the building and construction industries.

Related Questions & Answers

Does topsoil need to be removed before pouring concrete?

Top answer: Yes, always

How thick should the layer of aggregate base under a standard concrete driveway be?

Top answer: 2-4 inches

Will Rain Damage Freshly Poured Concrete?

Top answer: Yes

Control joints help to prevent concrete curbing from cracking.

Top answer: True

What is the recommended thickness of aggregate base needed to construct a standard concrete driveway?

Top answer: 2-4 inches

What is the standard size rebar used to construct a 4 inch concrete driveway?

Top answer: #4 (1/2 inch)

What is the standard thickness of a residential concrete driveway?

Top answer: 4-6 inches

What is the standard size rebar used to construct a 4 inch concrete foundation?

Top answer: #4 (1/2 inch)

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