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Concrete Driveway Installation - Questions & Answers

How Much Does It Cost to Pour a Concrete Driveway?

How thick should the layer of aggregate base under a standard concrete driveway be?

Top answer: 2-4 inches

What is Concrete Curing?

Will Rain Damage Freshly Poured Concrete?

Top answer: Yes

Countertops Topics

Cost of Concrete Countertops

How much does it cost to install concrete countertops? We have the answers you need. Learn more about factors that impact the price of installing concrete counters in your home.

DIY Concrete Countertops – A Bad Idea

Making your own concrete countertops is an intense DIY project. Find out why you may be better of hiring a professional concrete contractor for your project.

Are concrete countertops more expensive than granite countertops?

Top answer: In some cases

How Much Does Concrete Countertop Installation Cost?

How often should concrete countertops be treated or re-sealed?

Top answer: Every 2-5 years

What is the most common thickness of concrete countertops?

Top answer: 2 inches

Would you recommend sealing concrete countertops?

Top answer: Always

Driveways Topics

Concrete Driveway Cost

Learn more about the factors that influence the cost of installing a concrete driveway.

Cost of Concrete Driveway Installation

Learn about the factors that increase and decrease the cost of installing a concrete driveway.

The Pros and Cons of Sealing a Concrete Driveway

Learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of sealing a concrte driveway.

Can oil stains be easily removed from a concrete driveway?

Top answer: Yes

Does the apron of a concrete driveway need to be thicker than the rest of the driveway?

Top answer: Yes

How long does a concrete driveway typically last?

Top answer: Over 30 years

How long does it typically take for a concrete driveway to fully cure?

Top answer: 4-6 weeks

How long should a concrete driveway cure before cars are parked on it?

Top answer: 2-5 days

How Much Does It Cost to Put in a Stamped Concrete Driveway?

Is an exposed aggregate concrete driveway more expensive than a standard concrete driveway?

Top answer: Yes

What is the best time of year to install a concrete driveway?

Top answer: It does not matter

What is the ideal slump rating for a 4-inch residential concrete driveway?

Top answer: 4 inches

What is the recommended compressive strength of a concrete driveway? (measured by pounds per square inch or PSI)

Top answer: 4,000 PSI

What is the recommended thickness of aggregate base needed to construct a standard concrete driveway?

Top answer: 2-4 inches

What is the standard size rebar used to construct a 4 inch concrete driveway?

Top answer: #4 (1/2 inch)

What is the standard slab thickness of a residential concrete garage floor?

Top answer: 4-5 inches

What is the standard thickness of a residential concrete driveway?

Top answer: 4-6 inches

What type of driveway requires the most maintenance?

Top answer: Gravel

What type of driveway will last the longest?

Top answer: Concrete

Related Questions & Answers

Are stamped concrete surfaces more slippery than traditional concrete?

Top answer: In some cases

Are the terms “concrete” and “cement” interchangeable?

Top answer: No

Does topsoil need to be removed before pouring concrete?

Top answer: Yes, always

How deep should the control joints be in a 4-inch thick concrete slab?

Top answer: 1 inch

How Much Does Stamped Concrete Cost?

What is Precast Concrete?

What is the ideal outdoor temperature for pouring concrete flatwork (driveways, patios, etc.)?

Top answer: 55° F - 70° F

What size aggregate should be used to make the concrete for a 4 inch slab?

Top answer: 3/4 inch crushed stone

When reinforcing concrete, is it necessary for rebar to be tied together?

Top answer: Always

When reinforcing concrete, is it necessary tie all intersecting rebar together?

Top answer: Always

How many countertop injuries occur each year?

What is the average width of a driveway that fits one car?

Top answer: 10-12 feet wide

What is the Average Width of a Two Car Driveway?

Top answer: 22-24 feet wide

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